Myths About Residential Treatment

It is unfortunate how myths exist about certain topics but what’s even more unfortunate is how these myths seem to take up the place of facts entirely.

If you are battling an addiction, the last thing you need to hear are half-truths and full lies about what the journey towards sobriety is going to be like.

The hard truth however is that myths are propagated with much more fervor than truths.

Ask someone who has been thru it before

In particular, if you are considering seeking inpatient treatment for your substance abuse you will be met by many myths.

The best way to remain focused on the goal of getting off and staying away from the substance you are addicted to is by arming yourself with facts.

Here are some myths you may have heard or are yet to hear about inpatient treatment, and the real truth.

1. You will be locked up, prison-style, during the treatment.

No one likes the idea of losing their freedom, at least most people don’t. Therefore when met by such a myth about inpatient treatment, most people will shy away from checking into a rehab center. They are fearful of the ordeal of being locked in a facility with no freedom.

The truth is that while you are expected to stay within the facility during the duration of your treatment, no one is going to lock you in. It will be your personal decision to stay and you are free to walk out whenever you wish.

However keep in mind that walking out means you have given up on the journey towards being sober. Staying on the other hand means you have made the decision to clean yourself up and live a drug or alcohol free life.

2. There is rampant substance and sexual abuse at inpatient treatment centers.

Yet another scary myth about inpatient treatment is that you will suffer mercilessly at the hands of sexual predators. Another common misconception is that there is rampant substance abuse at the residential treatment centers.

The truth is that we are committed to providing the safest environment for our clients during their stay with us. It is true that sometimes sexual predators may creep into inpatient drug treatment centers under the guise of clients seeking help.

Some clients will even attempt to sneak in drugs to abuse. We have made it our mission to weed out such rare occurrences to ensure that our clients are safe at all times.

3. For you to require inpatient treatment, you are a hopeless case.

A lot of people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are ashamed to seek inpatient treatment because of the misconception that only hopeless cases go there.

This is a very detrimental view especially if you are looking to get help and get sober. It takes a very brave and courageous person to admit that they are addicted to a substance and that they need help coming off of it.

Other people’s judgment and perception of you should never be factored in as it is your life you are fighting for. Besides, inpatient treatment provides a really safe environment that does not have the temptations that the outside world presents on a daily basis.

4. People who get into inpatient treatment half-heartedly do not get anything out of it.

The truth is that a lot of clients check into inpatient treatment centers such as The Recovery Way with a whole load of doubts.

It is normal to be skeptical about something. It is human, and more so when you are battling an addiction.

Most of the clients we get come in with shields of self-protection formed around them. With time however, the care and support they receive enables them to break down some of these walls and let in some much needed sunshine from outside.

This breakthrough is always an important milestone towards a substance abuse-free existence. Some months down the line, the initial skepticism is replaced by some much needed hope for a brighter, sober and healthier lifestyle.

If you have been afraid to seek treatment because of these myths, you now know better.

Make the choice to let us at The Recovery Way help you and you will never regret making such a bold and wise decision.

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