How Does Inpatient Treatment Rebuild My Family Relationships?

When you have a problem with drug misuse or alcohol, it is important to recognize that the problem does not affect just you. It also affects the rest of your family, who may well be in despair at your actions and at their wits end as to how to help you.

What about what your addiction has done to your family?

A loving family is a great thing to have, but much as your father, mother, brothers and sisters may love you, they are in a very difficult position when they see the damage that drug abuse is doing to you but have no idea how to stop you doing it. In many families living with a drug abuser there comes a point when they think that they can do no more for you and simply decide that they want nothing more to do with you.

They see you crash and burn yet they are powerless to help.

In a sense you can’t blame them.


Everyone you are involved with is affected by your addiction

They are as much at the mercy of your drug as you are yourself.

Drug and alcohol abuse is insidious; what started out as having a laugh and a few drinks with your mates suddenly becomes something that your body craves and that you have to have, no matter who gets in the way or who you hurt in turn.

They see you:

  • Staying in bed all day and not going to work.
  • Being abusive towards them.
  • Not bothering to wash or dress properly.
  • Staying out until all hours of the morning.
  • Not coming home at all for a day, or even a week.
  • Stealing – often from them – in order to buy drugs.

Is it any wonder that your family eventually gives up on you?

Inpatient alcohol and drug treatment helps restore relationships facilitating healing and forgiveness

Inpatient alcohol and drug treatment programs are one of the most effective ways to recover and get back on to an even keel, and become a part of a loving family once again. Being away from the things and situations with which you are familiar and which, in a sense, is supporting your addiction provides you with some respite from the pressures under which you have been living.

It also provides some respite for your family.

More importantly, when your family sees that you have realized that you have a problem, but not only that, you are prepared to take positive action to do something about it, you will find that they will give you all the encouragement and support that they can. They will look forward to the day when you come home clean, no longer reliant on drugs, and – as far as they are concerned – you have rejoined the family unit and they will welcome you with open arms.

All this can be achieved through guidance and counseling by compassionate professionals who’s aim is to see you restored to full health, and to live the life you were meant to live.

When you arrive at The Recovery Way we will begin a complete assessment of your situation, this includes the relationships that have been damaged and any other factors so we can create a recovery program tailored to help you regain EVERYTHING you and your family have lost.

This process may include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family coaching
  • Goal setting

When you leave inpatient care to return to your family The Recovery Way can and will continue to help you through our after care program.

This can include:

  • Helping you to find a job, if you need one.
  • Ongoing counseling.
  • Helping you to join group sessions through AA or NA.

Inpatient treatment gives you time away from the family and local environment, and gives you the chance to get the help and support you need from professionals who actually care about you as an individual. It is not making too strong a point to say that it gives you back your life.

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