Does My Insurance Cover Residential Treatment?

If you have been battling addiction, you may have reached the conclusion that you require professional help.

However, you may be scared to seek help due to several factors, one of them being the cost of treatment.

The question therefore often arises, does my insurance cover inpatient or outpatient treatment for drug abuse?

Insurance Options

The good news is that there are insurance options that are available for most anyone seeking residential treatment.

In fact, both public and private insurance usually compensate a portion of the costs incurred for both outpatient and inpatient treatment.

This is true for all types of addiction.

In the recent years, insurance companies have come to see addiction for what it is; a treatable medical condition.

The insurance companies have therefore embraced the practice of compensating policy holders for addiction treatment sought.

This is seen as a way to encourage anyone suffering from an addiction to seek treatment because untreated addiction has a long term impact on the productivity of an individual.

Insurance companies understand that it makes more economic sense if the problem is nipped in the bud as early as possible, compared to waiting until the addiction has taken a complete toll on the individual.

There are different aspects you need to understand about insurance as far as your residential treatment is concerned.

These are listed below:

Public Insurance

There are clients whose insurance does not cover behavioral or substance abuse treatment plans.

If you are one such client, your best bet is to seek public insurance as it will make residential treatment more affordable for you.

There are treatment facilities which are subsidized by the government. Such facilities will accept state or federal insurance plans for payment of the residential treatment costs either partially or for full payment. It is important that you speak to your health insurance provider to find out if they cover the costs of inpatient treatment for substance abuse.

Keep in mind that for the government subsidized facilities, there are specific income guidelines set in place and you should ensure you comply.

Private Insurance

A huge plus for private insurance is the wide array of options that you are presented with.

This particular benefit comes in handy where the addiction of one individual severely affects the lives of their loved ones or those around them. Just as a reminder, private insurance is any insurance plan that is not subsidized by the government or its agencies.

As far as residential treatment is concerned, there are two huge advantages of choosing private insurance.

  1. For starters, with private insurance you can choose from a wide range of rehab centers, including The Recovery Way.
  2. The second advantage of private insurance is that your insurer covers a very significant portion of your treatment cost.

With public insurance, the coverage ranges from minimal to partial.

However with private insurance you will incur very minimal out-of-pocket expenses.

Of course, this is all factored in the deductible but you can bet it comes in very handy when you need inpatient treatment at a time when your bank account cannot afford expensive treatment.

Insurance My Employer Provides

Where an employer provides insurance, it is always important to consult before getting enrolled in a drug treatment program.

Unfortunately, most people are ashamed of approaching their employers with the news of their drug problem. They prefer to hide the problem from the employer and shoulder the cost of treatment on their own.

This is not advisable as the employer is often in a position to cover the cost without putting any dent on their finances. In cases where the employer provides insurance for the employees, you should always ask what exactly is covered just to be sure.

The last thing you need is a situation where you are ready to get started on your residential treatment program only to find out that you cannot afford the costs of treatment because you did not read your insurer’s fine print.



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