Are Your Counselors Experienced With All Kinds Of Drugs And Alcohol?

Combined 75+ Years of Addiction Recovery experience

The very short answer to this question is “yes”. Our team of caring professionals has over 75 years of combined experience treating all types of drug and substance abuse. Whatever you are using or struggling with, you can be certain that we have dealt with it before, and on numerous occasions.

Alcohol is abused by 28% – or some 88 million people – of all Americans according to the U.S. National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 

The main drugs that we deal with are:

  • alcohol
  • cocaine
  • heroin
  • marijuana
  • prescriptions pills
  • xanax
  • ecstasy
  • methamphetamine
  • adderall
  • suboxone
  • GHB
  • codeine
  • oxicontin

There are, of course, others, but these are the main ones that present themselves and we have years of experience in dealing with them all.

The important thing to remember is that we are not just dealing with the drugs themselves, but with the people who take them. Different drugs will have different effects on different people.

So, for example, one drug may make one person drowsy while the same drug may make another one aggressive.

We have learned that different drugs effect people differently

The effects can also vary according to how long an individual has been on the drug, the frequency of use, the dosage, the method used (smoking, snorting, or injection), whether the drug is/was pure or contaminated, the physical health of the user, the mental health of the user, and more.

This is why, at The Recovery Way, we do not have an “off the shelf” answer for every individual.

There is no such thing.

When you undertake recovery with us the first thing we do is to make a complete assessment of your situation, since everyone’s position is different. We don’t even begin to consider treatment until we completely understand your position. Only when we do can we tailor a program that is specifically for you and for no-one else.

We treat each case individually and with compassion

At The Recovery Way, every single individual is treated as an individual human being, and our expert medical professionals look after you with care and compassion. We never, ever, judge you because we understand that drug abuse is something that can happen to anyone. It is much the same thing as catching a cold or flu. Nobody sets out with the intention of becoming hooked on drugs or alcohol; it creeps up on you slowly and one day you realize that you have a dependency.

That, of course, is the first step – recognizing that you are in the grip of something over which you really do not have control. Once you have accepted that, you can begin to take steps to deal with it. Realize that you are not alone.

Some 22 million Americans over the age of 12 – 9% of the population – use illegal drugs (source: the government’s 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health).

Part of the difficulty is that many of those people simply do not accept that they have a problem, whereas at least you have come to terms with the fact that you do.

We are qualified to treat any situation, any drug

Whatever the drug or drugs that you are using, our qualified professionals have dealt with them on numerous occasions and we know how to create a program that will work for you as an individual. To begin with, you need to detox, and this is the part that many people are afraid of because of the reports of pain, nausea, and other symptoms of withdrawal.

In fact, when you undergo recovery with us you do not have such worries. Your situation may enable you to stop cold turkey, but if not the medical doctor looking after you will reduce your intake over a period of a few days and may also prescribe non-narcotic medicines so that you do not have discomfort during the detox period.

Once you are clean you will then enter our inpatient treatment phase, and the recovery process so that you learn to live your life to the full again and will know – without a shadow of a doubt – that when you leave us you will no longer be at the mercy of illegal drugs or alcohol.

The Recovery Way counselors and staff have the expertise and experience to help you turn your back on drugs and alcohol once and for all, whatever drugs you have been using.

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