Where to Find Affordable Detox Treatment

When you have good insurance, there is no shortage of help, and when you don’t, there’s no one there.

When searching for affordable options for your substance abuse problem, you find nothing! Things can feel hopeless; however finding an affordable drug detox facility is not impossible.

At The Recovery Way our clients get
top-notch treatment at affordable rates.

“Our way” is to make “your way” as comfortable and non-stressful as possible.

In most instances, an affordable drug detox center like ours is the first stage in the road to a full recovery from substance abuse. Many times, someone will develop a tolerance to a substance, and afterwards find it tough to stop without some type of outside assistance. Not being able to find affordable treatment only makes matters worse.

The Recovery Way is a drug detox treatment center that offers affordable care. We know how tough detox treatment can be, and by being an affordable facility, you are more likely to continue your treatment to its completion.

We offer professional care at an affordable price

The Recovery Way staff ensures that you will experience a comfortable, safe, and meticulously delivered detox from the substance of your choice. Our facility is fully staffed with the proper medical team consisting of behavioral health technicians, counselors, nurses, and medical detox doctors.

As a client at our facility, you will be monitored closely during the detox process and attend daily individual and group therapy sessions. In addition, at The Recovery Way, we work with a dual diagnosis component and retain a psychiatrist on staff to help stabilize your medication, if required, and psychology well-being.

Though there are a number of free-governmental funded or subsidized detox programs for individuals without insurance or funds, most of these programs are sadly deficient of the needed funding to hire an expert staff, and are void of decisive components required of conventional therapy. Unfortunately, this transforms into high rates of relapse in comparison to a much better equipped and funded drug detox facility like ours.

Low cost can mean good quality

One of the biggest setbacks you or someone you know might face in their quest for an economically viable drug and alcohol treatment center is the inability to travel to a quality, affordable detox center.

In spite of this, every effort should be made to get into a high-quality, affordable drug detox facility, even if it is outside your immediate area. Keep in mind, that a well-trained staff and up-to-date equipment should be part-and-parcel to any drug detox facility.

Fortunately, The Recovery Way is capable of offering everything you need to set you or someone you know back on the road to a complete recovery.

Detox rates statistically speaking per drug type.

The Recovery Way prides itself on staying up-to-the-minute on relevant information concerning drug detox statistics and success rates. For example, The National Institute for Drug-Abuse stated that Americans spend more than $50-billion per year on illegal drugs, with more than 35% going to cocaine use alone.

The most common reason for admission for substance abuse is:

  • Alcohol 21%
  • Marijuana 14%
  • Heroin 13%
  • Crack cocaine 10%

SAMHSA.gov’s latest (TEDS) Treatment Episode Data-Set reports on discharges from substance abuse treatment facilities and offers vital data concerning the roughly 1.5-million treatment releases taking place at reported licensed treatment facilities around the country. Additionally, according to the National Center for Alcohol and Drug-Detox, more than 30-million Americans experience some type of drug or alcohol dependence.

Substance abuse is usually successfully treated through quality treatment, beginning with alcohol and drug detoxification, which is what we offer at The Recovery Way. Detoxification permits our clients to rid their bodies of the perilous and damaging toxins that have accumulated through protracted substance abuse.

The goal of The Recovery Way is to safely and efficiently prepare our clients to begin the rehab process. We offer various detoxification procedures that afford our clients the strength and will to continue with their treatment and hopefully lead a more productive life minus ingesting harmful substances.

We are here to help you get sober for good!

Helping our clients overcome substance dependency is what we do. We coalesce expert insight and counseling with the proper procedures all under “one roof.” The pledge that we make to you is straightforward: We will treat you with empathy and respect.

At The Recovery Way, we have come to realize that one thing a client wants most is their dignity regardless of their condition. We aim to help give you an opportunity to recover your life and carry on in a way that lifts your self-esteem and self-respect. You will be hard-pressed to find a detox facility that has the experience we offer in helping individuals overcome substance dependency. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.



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