How Do I Find Good Sober Living?

Returning home to a family where drug or alcohol use is
going on is difficult for a recovering addict

Remaining strong faced with temptation all day and every day is hard.

Sober living is often a good way for a recovering addict to start to re-integrate back into society. However, finding the right sort of accommodation is not always easy.

good-sober-livingOne of the big advantages of sober living is that it can allow the newly treated patient to continue treatment outside the original rehabilitation center and adjust to life in the outside world while still being surrounded with like-minded people who also want to make a full recovery.

At the same time, it allows freedom of movement since the individual is more or less his or her “own boss” and can come and go at will.

Sober Living Can Vary

However, it should be noted that sober living accommodation can vary considerably and may have fairly strict rules in some cases, and in others may be more relaxed.

Some common rules are:

  1. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are permitted on the premises.
  2. There will normally be random testing for drugs and alcohol.
  3. Usually there is a curfew at night, by which time all residents must be in the house.
  4. No weapons of any kind on the premises.
  5. Restrictions on visitors. This may include barring a particular individual, and setting times for visitor arrival and how long they can stay.
  6. Each resident will usually be required to attend group meetings during the course of the week, and may also be required to attend AA and/or NA meetings.
  7. There is often a time limit on how long a recovering addict can remain in the home; this may be up to two years. (The average stay is between three and twelve months).
  8. Most sober living homes will have accommodation for between six and thirty people. Each iindividual is expected to undertake certain chores. These will include:
  9. Making your own bed.
  10. Cleaning communal areas such as bathrooms and toilets. (Many sober living homes are cleaned from top to bottom every day).
  11. Cooking meals.
  12. Helping with shopping for the home.

What is the Most Important Aspect? Is it a Business or a Place of Refuge?

sober-living-aftercare-recoveryThe most important thing is that each individual is just that – an individual – and will have different needs and requirements, depending on the particular point he or she has reached on the road to recovery, and also whether other problems are involved, such as mental health problems like anxiety or depression.

Some people will leave a New York rehab center feeling reasonably confident about making it on their own, while others will be terrified that they might not be able to do it.

Of course, sober living will tie in nicely with any aftercare program and give each individual extra support that they might very well not get anywhere else.

Finding Sober Living

The best way to find good sober living is to discuss the various alternatives with the rehab center personnel who will have contacts and knowledge of the various sober living accommodation available in the area, and maybe further afield as well.

There may be occasions when an individual might be better off and have a greater chance of successful recovery by living in a new area away from dealers and friends who might otherwise contribute towards a relapse.

What is important to look for?

  • Visit the accommodation and check it out for yourself.
  • Do your research on the organization/owners.
  • Check the neighborhood at night.
  • Get a feeling of whether a particular house and its residents are right for you
  • Will you feel comfortable and fit in well?
  • Do you feel nervous or uncomfortable? 
  • Talk to the owners.
  • Find out what rules they have.
  • Learn where the line is drawn with drug testing

Make a list of Questions

after-care-list-of-questionsIt is a good idea to make a list of the things that you feel will make you contented in a sober living environment. You can do this in conjunction with your counselor who will be able to help guide you in the right direction.

Then make certain to ask the owners of the accommodation how their property meets your needs, and ask any questions that you wish.

The most important thing is your continued recovery and you need to be certain that sober living will help you to achieve just that.

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