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New York drug and alcohol rehab center

Unless your life has previously been affected by drug or alcohol addiction, you have no idea what the recovery process should look like, feel like, or sound like.

First you need to know all rehabilitation centers are not made equally. Each drug and alcohol program has it’s own ways, policies, procedures, and approach.

To begin, we want to help you understand what your options are. We want to educate you so you can make the right choice, and avoid having to ever go through this again.

Our main objective is meeting you where you are, and that’s part of why we have been so successful in helping clients who never had any hope from the New York area.

The Recovery Way residential program
providing sober solutions for NY residents

There are a hundred questions you probably have right now, but the main one is which drug rehab program is going to get you or your loved one sober, and restore sanity back into your life.

Restoring hope in relationships is our priority

Joy, Peace, and Healthy Relationships = Sobriety at The Recovery Way

Sobriety is not the only goal here, but rather living life with joy, peace, and the ability to have healthy, productive relationships are the results of an effective substance abuse program.

There are many different levels and conditions of alcoholism and drug addiction. It’s a fact that substance abuse and addiction don’t discriminate. We don’t either!

It has no mind of color, race, or creed. You need enough time in the right environment, with the right substance abuse counselors and doctors, who will help you rediscover who you are, and what makes you and your addictive behavior tick.

What The Recovery Way rehab center is not!

Homeopathic recovery without the cold clinical setting!

Our licensed and accredited rehabilitation center is not what you would normally picture in your mind when you think of and residential alcohol or drug rehab. You will not find yourself in a locked down, hospital like facility with chains on the doors, and zombies walking around.

Our program focuses on real life experience and your program is going to start the first minute you step through the doors. We do not cook for you, clean your dirty clothes, or make your beds.

This is not a disciplinary action, you are not being punished because of the issue you have with addiction.



Recovery is a gift, and we want you to understand that, and treat it as the most precious gift you ever received, sort of like life. You are getting a second chance at life, and that is truly the most valuable gift there is. 

A Change of scenery has been proven to help in recovery

substance-abuse-treatmentGetting away from the people places and things that your addiction is comfortable and familiar with, is one key factor that helps in the success of permanent sobriety and long term recovery.

Our clients predominately come from the New York areas. These are the only borders we cross when it comes to providing the best recovery solutions to our clients.

The Recovery Way is an open ended licensed and accredited rehab center with a vision to meet people’s needs individually, and completely.

Not all drug and alcohol rehab centers are are created equal.

How does The Recovery Way rehabilitation program work?

Substance Abuse Assessment 

The Recovery Way drug and alcohol rehabilitation center starts with an individualized assessment, in order to match the level of treatment with your history of chemical dependency.

You can expect to receive 25 to 35 hours of individualized services a week, where you will never see more than 20 clients in our facility at a time, with a patient to staff ratio of 5:1

We do this on purpose in order to give you the one on one attention you deserve.

During your visit, you will have access to the following professional staff:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Clinical Director
  • Chiropractor
  • Medical Doctor
  • Psychologist
  • Licensed Massage Therapist

It is during this phase where we tailor our program to your exact needs, and establish a foundation to build your future success upon.

Starting with detox ensures the best chance for successful recovery

Drug and Alcohol Detoxtrained-medical-staff

Usually recovery begins with detox in order to remove all physical dependencies from the chemicals your body has grown accustomed upon.

During this phase of recovery, for between 5 to 10 days we careful watch your progress and make sure that you are comfortable and pain free.

Our doctors will prescribe non narcotic medicine to help ease the intense cravings and common drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms like nausea and anxiety.

Remember, detox is only long enough to get rid your body of the physical dependence on the chemical. The root of your substance abuse problem lies much deeper than that.

Inpatient or PHP with housing program

Substance abuse counseling 

After detox, you are ready to focus on redefining your identity in our “inpatient alcohol and drug rehab center” or PHP with housing program. Learning your weaknesses and reestablishing your strengths, you will be integrated into group settings where you will be able to interact and learn from other’s experiences.

PHP is a 4 – 6 week day/night treatment minus the hospital type environment, where you will have the chance to prove to yourself you can and will make it.

As much as we are going to hold your hand through this time of rediscovering life, you are going to be responsible for taking the steps.

Setting goals, learning the why and how, and finding your rhythm, are some of the steps you will begin to take in this phase. We are going to teach you how to live life on your own, without your addiction, without the comfort of your enabler.

During this time you will have the opportunity to focus inwardly, examining the patterns, and learning the triggers that you developed in the process of coming into your addictive lifestyle.

We will help you unravel your past, thread by thread, until you are left with only yourself and the ability to rationally make your next decision.

Our trained doctors, mental health, and addiction professionals will be the sounding board of the new design of who you decide you are going to be for the rest of your life.

IOP Intensive outpatient program

Long term treatment for long term sobriety

After graduation from PHP, you will enter our IOP or intensive outpatient program. You will have 30 -35 hours of clinical counseling and group during the week.

During this phase of treatment you will spend more time getting your life situated, finding a job, enjoying outdoor activities and trips with others in this phase.

Developing healthy habits, and establishing a schedule for success are a couple goals you will accomplish.

Dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorder

Our licensed mental health professionals, with a combined of over 75 years experience in addiction rehabilitation and substance abuse programs will help you understand how to overcome your greatest fears.

The trained staff at The Recovery Way are able to treat almost any addiction and co-occurring condition including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Bipolar
  • PTSD
  • Eating Disorders

Using nuero therapy, brain mapping, cognitive behavioral therapy, reality therapy, and holistic treatment, we specialize in helping our dual diagnosis clients live a healthy lifestyle free from the burden and weight of addiction and the issues of life that has held them back for so long.

What does The Recovery Way do for after care?

A lot of people who come to us for help think they only need to detox off the drugs or alcohol.

While this is partially true, in order to have long term sobriety, it is usually necessary to have long term services and support.

This includes continued care after treatment.

Areas where we help you in The Recovery Way after care program:

  1. Continued counseling is a key to a long term lifestyle change like sobriety. 
  2. Group sessions can continue through AA or NA or other support groups
  3. Getting connected in the community with positive and successful role models
  4. Finding a healthy work environment




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Fill out this form or call
866-636-2670 for private
help and guidance to sobriety.

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